March 29, 2002 

Fleet 134 Meeting 

Events covered: 

  1. Other possible races to attend.
  2. Rules seminar – per Bill Bruce – race judge to give this on Apr 9th Tues – call Bill to attend - $5.00
  3. Hold Fleet meeting to prepare for Regatta
  4. Dues and treasure’s report – Dues are $25.00 - $2,160.99 in treasury.
  1. Regatta Duties (covered later in this report)
  1. Delta Sailing – Weekend race committee – Hobie and open boats on lot – July 27th thru Sep 15.
  1. Supporting other race Regattas – need help w/committee, chase boats, general for May 18-19, June 8-9, and Sept 21-22.

Items covered: 

  1. Publications – Gerry Wilder
    1. Name and phone # for other fleets and sailors to contact us for questions, site maps. Cat Sailor has no phone # or e-mail address to contact us.
    2. Get out notice of race as usual, plus get info to fleet members
  2. Mike to do commodores corner
  3. Race chairman – Andy H. – nothing said in this corner, not at meeting.
  4. Chase boat or committee boat help – Bill Baxter & Frank Bermel will help to do these, but need help if they do comm. boat. With times etc.
  5. Drinks – ice – cokes – Jim Sislow. May need more people here?
  6. Trophies – Peter Barclay (with help here from Chris Rooke.
  7. Food – Mike and Marsha
  8. Friday night party – Mike and Marsha (and all members that can make it)
  9. Giveaways – all members contribute something.
  10. Bill Baker to do the giveaway presentation???
  11. Sponsor Letters were given out.
  1. Registration forms (on race day) – Brent and Ann Frost.
  2. Clean up and crowd control leader – Bill Sharp – all members to help as well.
  3. Corps permits – Mike lodes
  4. Get feedback from other members that couldn’t make the meeting as to what contributions can be expected from them.
  5. Set up new meeting in 1 mth, hopefully a week day evening. Set the date after the Midwinter Regatta


Mike and Marsha Lodes

Chris and Charlotte Rooke

Peter Barkley and friend

Francis Priola and Bill Sharpe

Brent Frost

Steve Roddy